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Meet Doorway Creative

We’re a small team of solution seekers, creators, and experience makers dedicated to creating kinder, healthier, and more equitable worlds. We’re here to affect change on a greater scale by partnering with organizations on a similar mission.


We envision a world that uplifts all people and celebrates our connections. One where our humanity is enriched by our differences. And we live in harmony with each other and the world around us.


To empower companies that are creating change for the greater good of humanity.


Our values are an important part of who we are. We use them to guide our choices, actions, culture, and how we show up in this world. They serve as a great glimpse into what it’s like to work with us.


We know that the work we do is only a piece of who we are. We embrace showing up as our whole selves. We strive to align our words and actions at all times.

How this shows up in our work:

We only take on projects from companies with aligned values. That means we’re all working towards a common vision, which allows us to do our best work. Also, we’ll often wear t-shirts to our Zoom meetings and you may hear our dogs in the background.


We’re big believers in setting healthy boundaries so we can enjoy balanced lives and give the best of ourselves in all areas.

How this shows up in our work:

We build reasonable project timelines. We clearly communicate where we are in the process and what steps are next. And we work really hard to stick to deadlines because we know that delays affect everyone’s schedules.


We create spaces that foster (and processes that support) collaboration. Because we know outcomes are better when we work together.

How this shows up in our work:

We’re here to bring your experience, insights, and vision to life. We won’t pretend like we have all the answers. But we will share some effective approaches to help us create the best outcomes together.


We recognize that the world isn’t fair for everyone. But we know it should be. And we believe it can be. That’s why we work every day to build a more equitable world.

How this shows up in our work:

We use inclusive language and accessible design and development principles. And we channel part of our revenue to nonprofits that are working to build more equitable worlds (more on that below).


Every day is an opportunity to grow. We seek to create growth from every experience. We welcome the opportunity to turn challenges into solutions.

How this shows up in our work:

Your growth goals will be our guide. We’ll lean into conflict to generate new ideas. We’ll treat every encounter with your team as an opportunity for everyone to grow. And we expect we’ll all be changed by the process of working together.

Meet Our Co-Creators

Triniti and Tory met while at another agency that worked with a lot of cannabis and CBD brands, sustainable energy companies, and nonprofits.

After partnering on a few projects, they found they held similar world views and were equally passionate about making the world a kinder and more just place.

Combine this with the fact that their professional experiences are a perfect complement to each other, bringing together all the skills needed to serve clients and grow an agency. It was a partnership meant to be.

“Triniti and Tory were just so warm. They love this work. And it’s really easy to see and it’s easy to feel comfortable working with people who honestly love what they do.

It’s a different feeling than what you would expect from marketing firms.”

~Dana Fleetham, Brave

Triniti Burton (she/her)

Triniti leads growth, strategy, and content. She’s spent the last 13 years helping early-to-expansion stage startups in technology, wellness, sustainability and nonprofit markets. Her superpowers are strategic thinking, creating memorable experiences, and crafting compelling copy.

Triniti’s Personal Passion:
To change the way people see their world.

Tory Howell (she/they)

Tory leads operations, design, and development. She’s partnered with dozens of justice-centered organizations to build digital experiences that further their life-changing work. Her approach to visual communications relies on the pillars of accessibility, community, iteration, and transparency.

Tory’s Personal Passion:
Helping justice-centered organizations do their best work.

Tory is also an accessibility professional certified by the IAAP (International Association of Accessibility Professionals). There are less than 4000 individuals with this certification in the world!

Doorway Gives

We’re working to create change through as many avenues as we can. One tangible way we do this is by channeling part of our revenue to nonprofits doing meaningful work to build more equitable worlds.

5% of all Doorway Creative’s revenue goes to support two important organizations.

Shot in the Dark logo

Shot in the Dark

Shot in the Dark is a radical harm reduction collective in Phoenix that supports people who use drugs by providing access to harm reduction resources and evidence-based educational resources. They strive to bring compassion to stigmatized folks and show them that their health does matter.

Learn more about Shot in the Dark


one•n•ten serves LGBTQ+ youth and young adults ages 11 to 24. They enhance the lives of their community through empowering social and service programs that promote self-expression, self-acceptance, leadership development, and healthy life choices.

Learn more about one•n•ten

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